1NE, based at Woodford Broadway, is a charity that has been running for over 20 years. They focus on changing the lives of people who have fallen into dependency on drink and/or drugs and gives them new hope and direction in getting their lives back on track. They do this life saving work through their award winning ‘abstinence based treatment’ which has a huge 70% success rate. 

We caught up with managers Fiona Dunwoodie & Jo Blackledge who explained more…

Fiona: “I originally got involved back in 1987, as my mother was running the organisation. As time went on we (Jo & I) became more hands on with the management side of the charity, and took over complete control in 2005 when my mum retired.” 

Jo continues: “We run 3 main services here, the free ‘NE Teen’ side which helps youngsters come through their problems with onsite counselling. Our ‘day programme’, which runs Monday to Friday 9am until 4:30pm, consists of group therapy based on abstinence, education and support. Finally, since 1992 we have also been running a ‘Relatives Service’, which is another free service for families and friends of addicts. This can greatly improve the recovery of an addict when you also help to educate and support their family.”

It’s clear from the short time spent with Fiona & Jo that they are incredibly dedicated to help save the lives of so many local people, who through one way or another have found themselves asking for help. 

One of their recent participants explained how 1NE has helped to change their lives, saying:

1NE has opened my eyes, to how ill I was, how much time and effort recovery takes, but more importantly 1 NE has given me myself back. 
I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity 1NE has given me to begin to recover from a potentially lethal disease in a robust and meaningful way and equip me with the tools I need to be safe and well for as long as possible. Thank You”

Finally, I ask what the future holds for 1NE…

“In truth, we really need funding and support, or the future is not good. We try to do as much fundraising as possible but we do need help. It’s very costly to run so many free services and without external assistance from donations it really cuts down on the support we can offer these people.”

If you feel you need help from 1NE or would like to help support the organisation, then please visit www.1ne.org.uk or call them on 020 8220 0132.

Address: 10 The Broadway, Woodford Green, Essex IG8 0HL. 
(You can donate via the ‘just giving’ section of their website or over the phone.)